Ottoneu OOTP 21 Online Leagues: Looking for Commissioners

It seems like we have a little bit of time without real baseball ahead of us, so let’s play some simulated baseball.

I have OOTP21 and have tested out the online league functionality. I think I have a little bit of a handle on it, and I feel pretty confident Ottoneu can provide FTP space for at least 3 online leagues of 15-30 teams each.

I plan on running one league of 15 owners. I am looking for 1 or 2 others who are willing to run their own league. This is what is involved, from what I understand:

  1. I’ll set up FTP space and send out credentials to the commissioner.
  2. Commissioner has to set up an online league and enter FTP credentials. They’ll also have to share these credentials with everyone in their league.
  3. Every so often, as determined by your league, team owners will need to upload their teams to the FTP server and the commissioner will need to “Import all teams from server” and “Upload league files”. Team owners can then download these league files so that everyone is on a shared state. My understanding is that everyone will review their teams results and make their transactions and lineup changes, upload to server, commish downloads and sims a day, everyone downloads and the cycle repeats.

So, I am looking for 1 or 2 other people who are willing to run aforementioned commish duties. Reply here if you are interested with how many total human owners you’re interested in having in your OOTP league, and then we’ll get into league recruiting.

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Gonna change this up a bit. My league will have 12 or 16 players (depending on interest), all human. No AI players, and we’ll have a simulated fantasy draft of all MLB players.

Niv – count me in for your league, and I have one other player from my Ottoneu league. I’ll try to recruit more.

This thread is just for anyone else who wants to run an online OOTP league with FTP server/space/instructions provided by Ottoneu. We’ll get into who gets to be in which league later this weekend.

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I’ll volunteer to take on commish duties for a league if needed.

Why not aim for a full 30 teamer if we can?

On second thought, as I type that, I realize it might be easier to manage/facilitate a group of 12 to 16 humans, however!

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Yeah, I think 30 teams would be hard to keep the league moving, as we’d need uploads from every owner involved every day or every other day.

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