Basketball Grid View

I know basketball is just launching today, but…it would be really cool to see each week’s schedule in a grid view, similar to sites like hashtagbasketball and basketballmonster. It would help with planning out team lineups for the week. If I remember correctly, both yahoo and espn would have a tab on your lineup page to view the current week in a day-by-day grid.

Piggybacking on this, having a Next 7 Days view like we have for baseball would basically accomplish what @doorbot is asking for (right?)


Good point Justin, maybe this is more a parity with baseball sort of thing, heh.

I absolutely agree. Something like the 7-day schedule tool so that you can see what games are coming up and plan starts accordingly would be great. Or perhaps even just a column that projected how many games each player is scheduled to play in the upcoming week would be helpful if the 7-day lineup is too complicated.

I think to be most helpful, we’d want to fix the end point to the last day of the week’s matchup. For example, if I were to look at the 7-day today for purposes of informing lineup decisions for this week’s matchup, I’m more concerned with what it looks like Tuesday-Sunday, not Tuesday-Tuesday.

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Yep, makes sense.

The basketball site is based on the football site, not the baseball site, so it will be real work to bring this feature over.

Makes sense to me.

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Will maybe look into this next week but it’s firmly on the to-do list.


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yay…fun…i knew somebody had asked for this…

just looking at this image and how all the dates for week 1 could be listed there brought me to this forum.


how do you like Basketball Monster?

Personally, I’ve always liked it–though it has changed and added a bunch since I used it last. I relied on the baseball version when I played roto before points consumed me, and basketball for the couple times I tried category basketball.

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I’ve added some more dates to the quick date picker at the top of the page to encompass every game of the current matchup.

If you click on the current date (which is indicated by the orange button) you will see a date picker that will let you jump to any date in the current season.

thanks, man…this helps a ton.

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Getting closer! Thanks Niv, this should help a bit.

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Yeah, Grid View still in the cards but I was hoping this would be a good short-term helper.

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I tried this and got this error when trying to click on Sunday 10/24, the one day that doesn’t show in the date list that was already there.

Actually, it happens no matter what date I select from the calendar dropdown.

Oh ha ok! Thanks. Should be fixed now.

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It is! Thanks for the quick fix!

Ok, we have a really simplistic grid view. Go the lineup page and click “Schedule View” and you’ll see a grid with all your players’ NBA games for the timeframe of your current fantasy basketball game. I think this should help a lot with planning out lineups for the week.


Awesome, thanks! Trying to get a hard refresh on mobile, but I can’t wait to see this. Thanks so much for pushing this out so quickly.

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