Best time to import a Yahoo league?

I’m in a competitive 20-team, dynasty-pay Yahoo league, for the past 10 years. Some of us are interested in Ottoneu. Not sure how many will jump at this point, but I’m hoping 14-16 managers will make the move. Given that the 2018 MLB season is about to end, when would be the ideal time to bring our Yahoo league to Ottoneu for 2019? For instance, when does arbitration begin? Auctions? I also notice that the Ottoneu fees will increase in 2019. Wait until the new year?

I imagine importing an established dynasty league (with MLB & MiLB players) to Ottoneu is possible…

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hey, thanks for your interest in Ottoneu, that’s awesome to hear!

Some of your questions have been answered in this thread:

I don’t know what kind of roster export tools Yahoo provides, but I’m happy to build support for importing them if they do allow rosters to be exported.

The main question about timing really depends on what you want to participate in. The price change will be official in early October, after the season ends and before arbitration, which starts in mid-October. At that point you will be able to create a league.

Do you want to participate in arbitration and get going on this platform sooner? Do you generally do a lot of trading in the off-season, etc? Or do you want to bring things over right before the auction draft ahead of 2019? Those are up to you, but basically any time from October 15 on can work.

As a side note, keep an eye on this thread about 16-team leagues as well:


I did this last year and brought my league over after arbitration. It allowed for us to keep the prices the same for the players which caused less confusion for the current owners.
As for roster import, I could not find a good way to do it so I added each player manually and updated prices myself. Admittedly, it was time-consuming, but it wasn’t nearly as hard as I was expecting it to be.

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Really appreciate the quick responses. Glad to hear that this is possible, and thanks for the offers of support. Seems like we have some decisions to make as a league. I’ve let my league know of this thread - hope some jump in.

Personally, I’d like to participate in arbitration in order to get players moving in our league. But, I hear ya yousmelllikebiscuits, I think arbitration will be new to several guys in my league and it might be better to do at a later time. Are the player prices provided once a league is established?

nivshah - how deep is the Ottoneu player pool? As a 20-team dynasty league, we run 25-man MLB rosters and 12-man MiLB rosters (~670 total players). We keep our MiLB rosters on another site (which is another reason we are thinking of moving to Ottoneu in order to consolidate roster management).

We have 40 man rosters, you can split them up however you’d like. The player pool is I think the best around - as soon as players sign with a major league team I manually add them to the pool, and we have full minor leagues. So, we add drafted players first, I think. I am slightly biased on this front :slight_smile:

The player pricing / economic system is a huge part of Ottoneu and something to understand before you commit to switching over. I know a few owners have transitioned from other providers and love the system, but you have to figure out how to price players initially. I’m not sure if @murph3699 or @yousmelllikebiscuits have advice on that, or folks from that original Yahoo thread.

EDIT: This section of the rules has the relevant offseason financial stuff that makes Ottoneu unique:

Our keeper setup was based on the round median between the round you drafted/acquired them and where they finished in the player rater at the end of the year. I can dive into that rabbit hole easily so I won’t go there but here’s how we translated value to prices:

We took average price on the day we created the league in Ottoneu and set prices for every player at their average cost for the game type (you can find that on the player’s page). If you had a player that was undervalued on your team, we shaved off up to $5 based on that value (i.e. drafting a rookie in the last round that finished as a Top 50 player). if you had a player that was overvalued on your team, we added dollars to the price (drafting a guy in the 2nd round who finished outside of the top 150). That way, it encouraged turnover, “punished” owners for having bad players on big contracts, and “rewarded” owners who are rebuilding or drafted really well.

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