Blank player name on watchlist

When a player is removed from the database, it appears that their watchlist row remains. Perhaps this could be automated as part of the removal process? I don’t have any notes for this player, so I’m not sure who they were, other than they were a SS added after the 2017 season.

Players aren’t removed almost ever. This was probably a dupe prospect or something. Can you delete him off your watchlist or do I need to manually?

I believe I can. I hadn’t done so in case you wanted to look. I’ll just remove the row.

The removal I was thinking of was more retired players, but duplicate prospects makes sense too.

retired players are not deleted from the DB and their names will continue to show on watchlists.

Gotcha, then yeah this would be a weird edge case, not really worth your dev time as a wish list item—though I see you moved this over to tech support. I’ll probably leave it though, it’s pretty amusing to see when scrolling through.

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I am pretty interested in who this player is, could you let me know which team this watchlist is for?

Sure, no problem. This is team 76 in league 37.

You’re the only person with that player on a watchlist, so enjoy!

Haha, thanks–who did it end up being?

Edit: I should say, all I ever saw was that the player ID was 30651, heh.

Still don’t know. If you recall, there were a number of duplicate players in the DB at one point:

I’d guess this is one of those - I did a mass cleanup in mid-2018 after it started affecting regular players:

I found one auction for this mystery player, no player transactions (somehow? Maybe I canceled the auction manually?), and no other watchlist records. Pretty good mystery.

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Thanks, yeah I remember the cleanup and all of that. I’ll have to check around for tools that might not have updated on google drive, see if I can find out which duplicate I had added.

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