Brendan McKay can't go into Util

I’m unable to move McKay into my empty Util spot

Investigating. If you refresh the page does he still not have Util highlighted, only 1B?

Yeah, only 1B is highlighted after a refresh. I tried it on my phone and on my laptop and still no luck.

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As a short term fix, can you move your 1B to Util and move McKay to 1B?

Sure thing, just wanted to bring it to your attention. Thanks!

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Same issue here: with SaboMetrics (20 team league)

Need his starts at Utility to help get to the 162 games mark at that position!

I have just pushed a change out that should remedy this issue. Please refresh the lineups page and try again. You will still need to place Brendan McKay into a blank slot

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I’ve had one user confirm to me via email that this issue is now resolved. Please refresh the page if you still have this issue to ensure you have the latest code loaded. @whaiii will get a bug catcher trophy for reporting this one, thank you so much!

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For posterity, this bug is specifically for Brendan McKay going into specifically the Util slot. It would not have affected his SP debut a couple of nights ago, and he should be good to play SP, 1B, or Util going forward.

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FYI, you can put him into a blank slot, or one occupied by Ohtani ; )

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Yeah I suppose any two-way players can swap. If anyone owns two of them other than @jcallahan510 :slight_smile:

Hi Niv. Just moved McKay out of the Utility position, however, now I am unable to put another player in utility

Moving McKay out of Util should be the same as moving Ohtani out of Util - it should not affect moving someone back into that spot. If you have McKay on the bench and refresh the page, are you then able to move someone to Util?

I’m not able to recreate this issue - once I move McKay to the bench from Util, I am able to move other players to the Util spot.

The refresh worked or it was a problem on my mobile but works now on my PC


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@nivshah I currently have McKay in a hitter’s Minors slot, but am unable to move him into a pitcher’s slot to take advantage of his anticipated start tomorrow.

Please make sure you are following the instructions here

Ah, perfect. Thanks!

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