Two-way players on the lineup page (Shohei Ohtani)

We’re getting close to the season and there are some quirks on moving Ohtani (and other two-way players) around compared to non-two-way players. I thought I’d document those quirks as they exist today here.

  1. If you want to move a two-way player to the bench, make sure you look at the “hitters” portion of the lineup page. Two-way players can only live on the hitters bench.
  2. In order to move a two-way player into an active slot, the slot has to be empty. Move whoever is there to the bench first, and then move your two-way player in.
  3. Relatedly, if you want to move another player into a slot that currently has a two-way player in it, you will need to move the two-way player to the bench.

There aren’t deep philosophical reasons for this, just technical ones that simplified implementing two-way players. Two-way players (primarily Shohei Ohtani, but who knows what the future will hold) will require a few more clicks to move around your lineup page than traditional players, and eventually I hope to make all players equally simple to swap around.


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Thanks again Niv

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Is there some reason why I can’t move Ohtani into my UTIL spot in my team roster?

He’s eligible at SP/UTIL but I can’t seem to spot him there in my Roster Organizer

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You probably need this thread

I’m bumping this thread for Ohtani owners and for now apparently Jared Walsh owners.

Would it be possible to make Brendan McKay show as a pitcher rather than as a hitter on the lineups pages? He’s not going to be a hitter in the Majors (very much) and his future is definitely on the mound so it doesn’t make sense to have him listed under the hitters and not pitchers under the lineups. But oddly he’s under the pitchers on my roster and roster organizer; the inconsistency is annoying more than anything right now.

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This is directly related to how players with both hitter and pitcher eligibility are handled by the system and will not be changed right now. If players like this become more and more the norm, I’ll look into changing this system a little bit.

Bumped for Brendan McKay

Maybe it’s user error by me, but I could not get the system to allow me to put McKa into my active roster as an SP today, even though he is listed as SP eligible. Was it me or is there a system glitch?

The top post in this thread worked for other McKay owners. Two-way players can only move into empty slots.

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Niv I have McKay also locked up u cant move him to any location…

Did you try the steps in this thread?

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got him from UTIL to RP…can’t move him to SP from there

Move a SP to the bench first.

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