Can the H2H schedule algorithm attempt to avoid consecutive weeks against the same opponent?

Hello. This is the first year our league has been using head to head. We are using two opponents per round. I’ve analyzed all the head to head matchups, and I see the distribution of matchups is almost even. In other words, every opponent matches up with every other opponent the same number of times.

But, some people in my league, including myself, have noticed that we will be matched up against the same opponent for consecutive weeks. My team, for example, is faced up against the same opponent 3 weeks in a row right now. And, I opened the season facing off against the same opponent four times out of six weeks.

I’m sure there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, but I thought I would just add this feedback to see if the algorithm could be tweaked to attempt to avoid more than two consecutive week matchups in a season.

Thanks for reading.


I’ve taken multiple passes at avoiding back to back opponents and given the variety of league sizes and matchups per week, I have not been able to get this to work for baseball after multiple tries. So, this is very unlikely to be revisited in the near term.

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Understood, and thanks for reading.

Now, at the beginning of the season… Is there a way that I could generate a schedule, check it out, and if I notice a lot of consecutive matchups regenerate the schedule? It would be a bit intensive, but doable I think. So, in short, the question is whether I can rerun the schedule creator multiple times?

No that is not possible.

I take that back! I imagine you could change some setting and then change it back and cause the site to generate a new schedule, though I can’t come up with the list of settings you could change off the top of my head.

My guess is regenerated schedules are going to look very, very similar to each other.

I just went through and all the settings you could change to “force” a schedule regeneration are ones you would not want to change (not using the auction draft, not being a H2H league which loses all your division settings).

So, nah, can’t really force a regeneration of the schedule and I think it would be another wishlist item if you want to have me build that kind of tool, which again would be pretty low priority.


Yahoo allows for making your own schedule. I tried it once…big mistake. It was incredibly complicated to get the matchups to work out to being even after I started messing around with them.

I agree that playing the same opponent multiple weeks in a row is inconvenient, but I can’t think of a suggestion to help at this point.