Cannot move player to eligible position

Wondering why David Fletcher has both SS and 2B designation but I somehow can’t move in to SS on my roster?

This sounds like potentially a bug. Who is in your SS spot right now and where is David Fletcher currently in your lineup? Any league or team details or screenshots would be welcome.

League name is The Nick Greenhorn Society

team name is Canuck
At SS i currently have Bogaerts

Trying to modify my lineup for April 8th

Do you have Fletcher at 2B now? If so, you can’t swap them, since Xander can’t play 2B. You’d have to move him to the bench or MI first and then move Fletcher in.


Here is a relevant wishlist item that I probably will never get to.

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Yeah ok that works.

Thank you that was a dumb mistake on my part.

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Oh, no worries and I wouldn’t call it dumb, it’s an easy thing to miss! When this lineup page rolled out, I made that same mistake two or three times a day, heh.


Haha thanks again

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