Changes to lineups are (sporadically) not taking effect

I have had issues with lineups remaining set properly in at least 3 of my leagues this year (32, 712, 791). This includes SP not starting when I put them in my lineup, hitters being swapped out to the bench when I placed them in the lineup, and SP starting when I removed them from the lineup. This isn’t an isolated problem, and it is currently happening to many regular ottoneu-ers. Occurred for me with Chrome on a MacBook (macOS), Safari on iPhone (iOS), and Chrome on Linux (Trusty Tahr). Reports from Slack just for yesterday’s games:

David Spracale [9:37 PM]
So I’m pretty much over this whole lineup issue with Ottoneu
We had all 3 SPs in our lineup and then Kershaw ends up on the bench along with new ace Eddie Butler.
David Spracale [10:09 PM]
Holy shit. All 4 of our starters are not in our lineup. What in the actual hell?

Joe Catanzariti [6:54 AM]
I’ll give you one better. I sat Glasgow and Harvey on purpose last night in three leagues and in all three they ended up in my lineups. -46 points!!

John [7:03 AM]
I won’t swear up-and-down to it, but I’m about 80% sure that after I saw Dave’s first post, I went to his line up page and saw Hahn and his points in the starting line up position.


For those contributing, I expect it will be helpful to add the device and browser you experience the issue with, possibly what type of network you were on.


I’ve experienced something similar, though don’t have any screen shots or something similar. I remember a couple weeks ago I was watching a Padres game and was exciting when Schimpf hit a homer… only to find out he wasn’t in my lineup. I remember seeing the matchup and intentionally starting him.

I’ll try to make a mental more to take more digilient notes if I experience an errorI in the future.

I normally set my lineup on Google chrome on android I’ve Wi-Fi, occasionally using chrome on OSX over wifi.


While I have not personally experienced the issue, at least five teams have reported having the same problem in League 791.

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I’ve had it happen in multiple leagues. I always set my lineups on a Mac using Safari and I’ve never brought it up previously because I can’t recreate it. This is only anecdotal because I haven’t kept track vigorously but it seems to happen much more with pitchers than hitters, even though I’ve definitely had it happen with hitters too.

I honestly don’t know if I’m going to finish playing this year and I doubt seriously that I’ll be back next year. 156.83 points left on the bench in a league I paid $250 to play in is unacceptable. Currently it’s cost us 3 spots in the standings.


Yes. Dave and I share that team together. We both checked at around 9pm to see that Eddie Butler, Jesse Hahn, and Kershaw(!) were on our bench when we both saw at 7pm that they were in our lineup. Then later at 10pm Shoemaker appears on our bench. This has happened to me a few times and is unacceptable for a format that many of us spend hundreds of dollars on per year. This should be fixed ASAP


I have not experienced this issue as far as I know, but enough owners have experienced it that it needs to be addressed immediately, in my opinion.

Not sure if this is related, but it’s odd none the less. This morning I’ve had several lineup changes stall. Meaning when I click the new position, it just hangs. Though when I refresh the page, it shows the lineup changes have taken effect.

BTW… I’m using chrome on Android.

So, this is the first I’m hearing of this issue being at all more than one-off email. Talking amongst yourselves in Slack is not a great way to make issues visible to me, so I’m glad this thread was spun up.

I’ll take one specific example:
@owensurett35 says Kershaw was put on the bench from a SP spot without any interaction, but in the database he seems to have been on the bench every day since May 7th.

Are there screenshots of this happening? Is there anything anyone can say other than “this keeps happening to these 5 users and almost no one else”?


Oh, and a key piece of advice: if lineup changes are happening without your consent or expectation, please make sure to change your FanGraphs passwords, as there is a chance your account has been compromised or you are otherwise being messed with.

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It would probably help to check out Slack every now and then to see what the heaviest users are seeing/saying.

And it’s hard to take screenshots of it happening when you don’t actually know it’s happening until your revisit. That’d require a screenshot after the changes then coming back later on to see what happened. There are multiple people seeing it, all from different browsers/OS. I don’t think someone has hacked 50 different accounts just to move one or two guys around every now and then…

The issue is basically impossible to replicate. It doesn’t happen, as far as I can tell, following any sort of pattern. I might be speaking out of turn since I’m not a programmer, but if the player isn’t sticking in the lineup I’m not sure that would be reflected in the database. It’s like the changes are reflected on the lineup page in the moment but the lineup locks it reverts back.

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Since Slack has a message limitation, visiting at any given time is not going to give me a good view of what the major issues are. That is why this community exists! So issues can be brought up and discussed without a message limit causing information to get lost.

Understood on screenshots, that does make sense.

I don’t have a feel for the number of users it is affecting, but it seems to be affecting at least 5 teams in League 791, and so far any user that has mentioned this issue is in league 791. If this is affecting you and you are not in league 791, please let us know in this thread!


David, for the issues you mentioned upthread - were they generally changes you made that day that then didn’t “stick”? Like, do y’all keep your pitchers generally on the bench except for days they are starting?

Based on [quote=“DSpracale, post:12, topic:1803”]
It’s like the changes are reflected on the lineup page in the moment but the lineup locks it reverts back.

I’ve made a small change that might help address this issue moving forward. I am not making any promises because this issue seems so sporadic and hard to recreate. However, there are only a couple places in code where a position can be changed in the database, and I’m examining each of them very closely.

I had this happen the first time today on 159. I benched ottavino for Maurer only to have Urias in at RP instead of maurer. Urias isn’t even eligible to accrue points there… I didn’t set that.

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I attempted to replace Schwarber with Judge earlier this morning to get the double header but it didn’t take. Though I’m not sure this is an Ottoneu issue or a connectivity issue on my end. This would be the first error I’ve had with lineups as well.

This might be a lot to ask, but when you were swapping your pitchers around, did you make other changes before benching Ottavino for Maurer? If so, did they work?

I’m wondering if the site has a bug where the Maurer button was actually linked to Urias for some reason (i.e. sometimes player position buttons aren’t linked to the players one would expect), and so some of these details might help me try to recreate this problem.

I don’t think this is quite the same issue that @DSpracale was describing, but all of this stuff should and will be addressed with the highest priority.

I did actually. I benched Domingo Santana for McCutchen, and it correctly applied.

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For the record, I am in 791 and I do not think that this has occurred to any of my teams.

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