Changes to the baseball lineup page


That kind of speaks to how P/AB might be more useful in this case, doesn’t it? Like, it isn’t technically wrong. There isn’t a better way to count games.


I’ve made some small tweaks. The opponent information now only links to either the game time or score - this creates more contrast between the starting/sitting indicator and the opponent team name:

I’ve also gone back to a stacked situation on mobile-only, but with a larger font than before.

Desktop still has “Opponent” as a separate column

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I can’t do 1, but I tried doing 2


If a double header, will the 2nd game show to the right of the first (making the column very wide), or will it show underneath the first?

Lots of people asking about the little green carrot - instead of using a carrot, is there a way just to shade the Position Box (far left) next to each player that is starting?


I’m using the caret because that is what other sites use. I’m not a huge fan of changing the color of clickable user elements like buttons, but I am open to using a symbol other than the caret. The work I did this afternoon made that a lot simpler too! So, if anyone has an idea on that…

Double header time should show to the right, stretching out the column. I’ll go back and find a doubleheader and mess around with that a little bit later tonight.


I like this idea quite a bit, but the font size increase is a solid fix for now. What if you created a separate small column for status?


Thanks! When you put the Opponents column back in place, I was able to do the styling I wanted.


Okay something else broke, because now I see this. RP getting start/sit notifications and basically all my SP are starting.


Eh there’s some goofy stuff around doubleheaders I’ll need to address - I will test around with what I think uses the space the best on both mobile and desktop and tackle that tonight or tomorrow.


Oh man this is changing every minute too. I might roll some of this stuff back to figure out why that is happening.


Given the slack chatter, everyone is experiencing this regardless of platform, if that helps.


I’m seeing the same issues with my pitchers - I have no starters scheduled to go today, but my lineup page tells me I have 4 pitchers starting, including all 3 of my Arizona starters.

Plus I keep seeing weird things with my hitters - one moment someone is listed as starting, the next they’re not, the next there’s no indicator there at all.


I rolled this back for now. I’ll figure out why the starting indicators went haywire and push this back out in the next day or two.


It actually is wrong in that Bellinger can’t do worse against both lefties and righties than he does against the 2 combined. There isn’t really a good fix unless you can somehow pull data for games based upon the hand of the starter. Even that would sort of be wrong data. But you can assume about 3/4 of the at bats for a game will be against the hand of the starter. You are passing your lineup decision based on the starter, not the relievers anyway.


Due to the light green color of the fonts some people (like me) use a browser extension or CSS to make everything darker enabling much better visibility. Changing the shading would cause issues for us.


The only way to not actively be ‘wrong’ by the definition stated here is to do P/AB, because that is the measurement by which L vs R matters. I’m open to this change! I can’t change it easily on the standings page but I can easily change it on the lineups page (and eventually on the roster organizer).

I’m more worried about the immediate issue of the in-lineup indicators going haywire, but then I’d love to address P/G vs P/AB, doubleheaders under the new design, and what the indicators should look like.


Related question: will the P/G and P/IP updates be added to the live scoring pages since those pages essentially mimic the lineup page?


Probably not, as they would just take up space without being super useful there. Right?


It’s a quibble, but don’t you really mean P/PA instead of P/AB?

Also, count me as a vote against showing P/PA (or AB) v. L and v. R. I will explain my objections when we have a topic focused on it.


Ok I figured out why the starting lineup indicators went haywire, so I re-deployed the changes from earlier.

If you see any weird behavior directly related to that, let me know. Otherwise I will start some threads on the other issues tomorrow.