Changes to the baseball lineup page


Is the mobile view now only P/G and total points? I see no other stats on the lineup page


Yeah, I mentioned that in the original post:

I’ve gotten mixed feedback on this, so please let me know your thoughts - it isn’t much for me to add the full stat line back, and I’m not sure how points league people feel about the trade off on mobile.


I’m a big fan of the simplified display on mobile. It might be good to add a column for G/IP to provide context for the rates, but none of the other categories matter much when making sit/start decisions. Certainly they don’t matter more than P/G or P/IP, so it is suboptimal to have to scroll horizontally through them to get to what matters most. That horizontal scrolling becomes particularly troublesome when it makes the player names and positions disappear, because then we lose track of which row is which.

Thanks for tweaking the interface. Ottoneu is awesome, and your personal level of engagement and openness in trying to make it even better is really impressive.


SO STOKED about the P\G P\Inn!! Thanks Niv. It makes research so much easier. I used to spend hours in the winter figuring it out myself.


Hi Niv,

I am seeing 2 different P/G columns today. One is to the left of the POINTS column and one is the right of the POINTS column. The one to the left has the right values. Here is a link to an example:

It is appearing on all player cards as far as I can tell.




Wild guess: you have @varsityshortcut’s Chrome extension installed?


Doh! Yep, that is it. Thanks Niv.