Changing player adds for the better

I propose a change to the way player adds work. Right now, when you nominate a player, it’s automatically made public, advertised for all to see. It’s put on the league home page and emailed to those owners who have notifications selected. I think how it should work is: the nomination is only made public if a second owner nominates that player in the 48 hours after he was originally nominated. If the 48 hours passes and no other owner nominates that player, then you get that player at his current price.

The current system instantly puts the nominating owner at a disadvantage. If I find someone I like that no one else has their eye on, me nominating them instantly puts that player on other owners’ radar, giving them the opportunity to research why that player is being nominated and ultimately bid on them. But shouldn’t I as an enterprising owner, be able to snap up that overlooked player without throwing him to the sharks?

The current system is especially taxing if you are a rebuilding team. As an example, you’re scouting a player whose season long numbers are bad, causing most owners to overlook him. But you do your research and find he’s made a positive adjustment recently. You want to take advantage of your work, but you can’t. Or you have a prospect that isn’t on anyones radar… until you nominate them.

In season additions have always been a strength of mine in other leagues, but I feel hamstrung in my Ottoneu leagues.

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