Claiming a Team after Keeper Deadline

Hey all,

Never have played Ottoneu before and considering claiming a team that is currently over the salary cap ($460/400) with a large amount of bad value contracts (over 50% of the roster in my opinion).

If I claimed the team would I get a cap penalty for cutting a lot of these players before the auction draft? If so, is this something that could be waived by the commissioner in order to allow me a proper chance at a rebuild this year? Otherwise, I don’t think I would have much interest in claiming the team.



When you join a league after the deadline, the commissioner can give you a round of penalty-free cuts.

Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - rules (

Section V.i.

If a team’s manager changes, the new manager is given the opportunity to make one round of penalty-free cuts

PS and welcome to ottoneu! It’s the best fantasy baseball there is.


Awesome thanks for the help!

Seems this thread also answers my question upon further digging