COVID-19 Designations for the 2020 NFL Season

I have received confirmation from our data provider that we will have 2 new designations for the 2020 NFL season. One will be COVID-IR and the other will be OPTOUT. Players with these designations will not use a roster spot. These designations will be live on the site this week.


The COVID-19 IR designation is now live.

The OPTOUT designation is now live.

2021 question: if a keeper is on the COVID IR before/during the draft, will a team be able to draft an extra player (21) during the auction? Or will they have to wait until the auction is complete to put the player in the IL spot to add someone else?

Like the baseball, the injury designations that automatically give extra roster spots should not apply during the auction draft. If you see an extra roster spot in the auction draft, please let me know as that would be a bug.

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