NFL 2020 Season FAQ

With the Titans-Steelers postponement and the late-breaking Cam Newton news, I thought I’d answer a couple of questions that are being asked and set up a thread to address future questions should they arise.

As a reminder, there is a separate thread regarding the COVID-19 designations for this season.

Q: How are players on my team treated if their game is postponed?
A: These players will not receive any IR designation unless it becomes known that they were placed on their NFL team’s COVID-19 IR. If a team doesn’t play on a given week, those players will be treated the same as if their team had a bye week.

Q: What week would a Tuesday night game belong to?
A: Right now, the system is set up to change weeks on Wednesday, so a Tuesday game would be on the last day of a given week. However, the NFL has official week designations for every game and we will follow those as we get them.

I’ll continue to update this thread as more things come up. Feel free to DM me any questions and I will do my best to answer them directly or on this thread. This is obviously a fluid situation (as most of 2020 has been) and I appreciate everyone’s understanding.

Thanks as always for supporting Ottoneu!

Q: Can we change lineups after the fact if (for example) a Tuesday game is postponed at the last second?
A: Unfortunately we do not have that capability at this time. We’re all going to be in the same boat of tracking the news and deciding the likelihood of any Tuesday games (including the scheduled NE-KC game) being postponed or not.