Crowdsourcing 2017 Ottoneu Auction Values

Welcome to the 2017 Ottoneu Auction Value crowdsourcing project.

This year we thought it might be beneficial to take advantage of this great community and ask for your input on auction player values for 2017. Hopefully these values will offer a bit more insight into player prices than the standard Keep/Cut polls we’ve done in the past. If we get enough involvement and a large enough sample size (probably at least 30+ votes/player), we’ll use these estimated values as another data point for helping to create and publish player rankings and values prior to the start of the 2017 season. This could be especially helpful for new Ottoneu players entering their first auction.

Here’s how to participate:
Over the next few weeks the @OttoGraphs team will post a series of player votes daily, by position (we’ll start with Catcher). It’s likely not all MLB players will be covered, but we’ll do our best to highlight some key players at each position so that you have the opportunity to vote for the estimated auction value for 2017. How do we define “2017 Auction Value”?

To keep things simple, we’ll define estimated auction value as: “At what price (range) do you believe this player will auction for in 2017 in a first year FGPTS Ottoneu league”? Ask yourself that question when voting and give it your best guess as to how this player would be priced in a brand new league (we’ll use FGPTS only this year simply for the sake of time, but feel free to ask/discuss these player values in the threads for other formats like 5x5 or 4x4).

If any questions, let us know. Thanks in advance to the @community for your help in creating these player values.

As an example:

Feel free to discuss each player on their individual poll threads as your comments/questions may influence the values!