Custom order/ranking/field on the player watchlist

The watchlist is very helpful in keeping tabs on players - especially free agents. It would be nice to have an ability to sort these players in a custom way though.

FWIW, I really like this suggestion.

One possible way to implement it would be to add a “team” to the FG sortable leaderboard so that you could sort the stats for players on your watchlist.

You can order the watchlist in the draft room. Why would you want to order the watchlist in a custom way on the watchlist page?

The watchlist tables are sortable so you can quickly see who has the most HR or whatever.

It’s often not even their stats I am after. I’ll learn something about possible playing time in the offseason and like a guy for that reason. Being able to have a single text/numeric field (to simply order 1,2,3, etc.) would do wonders for remembering who I liked over others… especially as needs differ between teams in different leagues.

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That makes sense.

I imagine bringing the sorting functionality from the draft room over to the main watchlist is something I can look into


A player’s stats aren’t the only reason I might prioritize a player for a given ottoneu team. Playing time, proximity to the majors, position eligibility (or possible new upcoming eligibility if they will be playing a new position) are all things that I might learn but not easily remember. I could add these things to the player note, but not easily decern this later unless I click into the note.

PS: forgive me, I cannot remember the sorting functionality in the draft room…

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This sortability would be great as I also use it so players don’t get lost in my list. My work-around is to typically unwatch then re-add so it takes that player back to the top. Would be great to grab them like the sorting function in the draft queue.


My one caveat to the drag/drop functionality is that it only allows for organizing top to bottom. If there were a user defined field in the table (like a numeric field), this could allow for ordering AND for grouping.

i.e. owners could ‘rank’ players in any order they like, or they could ‘group’ similar kinds of players together (by giving them the same value).

Just food for thought.

How exactly can a list be displayed if not top to bottom? It’s a list of players.

You also didn’t seem to know how the drag and drop ordering worked, but you’re warning against it, which I think does not make a lot of sense. You can see how its implemented and give feedback at that point.

I will not be adding numerical ordering that requires text input. That becomes extremely complicated both to use and to implement for basically no benefit that I can discern.

I did not mean to suggest a list could be displayed in an order that was not top to bottom.

A better way to describe what I mean might be Tiers.

For example, that would allow me to list five players as “1’s” and two players as “2’s”, seven players as “3’s”, etc.

The list would then still order the players by their number, the 1’s together, the 2’s together, etc. This would better allow for visualizing ‘groupings’ of players in said list.

The drag and drop feature would enable the same order to be possible but the Tiers would become invisible.

That said, I am not for overly complicating the use and/or implementation.

Post Edit: I was able to go to the draft room url and see the drag and drop functionality after it was mentioned.

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My take is that tiers are overthinking this. I get the use case, but I think for 99% of purposes the drag and drop would be a big help and any sort of tier-tagging would be an unnecessary complication. FWIW, you can add notes to a player via their player page and that can help you keep track of why you put someone on the watchlist. you can’t sort by it, but it’s pretty useful.