Development Update, December 2018


In the vein of the November update, here is how I did and what I have next.

  1. NFL score / game info rolled out successfully. We didn’t meet our goals in terms of making sure NFL updates started properly every game day, and I am actively working with our data provider on that issue.

  2. Baseball renewals with new pricing and renewal dates are live.

  3. H2H SP GS Hard Cap (try and keep up with those acronyms!) is now live in league settings.

  4. While FanGraphs leaderboards have not been addressed quite yet, the majority of wishlist items from the November update were implemented, including a brand new team production page.

For December, my goals are the following:

  1. Allow teams to ‘withdraw’ from new leagues that have not drafted yet with a full automated refund. The goal here is to make joining a league easier and leaving a league in which the initial league draft doesn’t fit your schedule easier. This should be rolled out this week.

  2. More playoff options for baseball leagues. The goal here is to build playoff options for 14 and 16 team leagues and to give more options to avoid the last week of the MLB regular season.

  3. Exploratory work on a couple wishlist items, including better UX for watchlists and the transaction lists, and of course the Football Roster Organizer. I will update as I make progress on some of the stuff I have in mind.

These updates are made in the spirit of transparency and to show the various ways I’m actively trying to improve the site before the 2019 season. In that vein, let me know if you have other ideas or wishlist items that you’d like my feedback on.

Thanks as always for your continued support of Ottoneu Fantasy Sports.


Hi Niv, in the November thread you mentioned adding the H2H SP GS Hard Cap (keeping up with the acronyms) for leagues that do playoffs only H2H. Is that still in the works as a part of #2 above? Would love to introduce this in my league. Thanks!


Yeah, great reminder! I did mention this downthread and have not implemented it yet. I’ll get it on this week or next and update in this thread.