Does the team that starts an auction have to place a bid?

I’m pretty sure I’ve read a post about this when I joined the site and was scouring the forums, but forgive me for being unable to find the clarifying answer in the forums at the moment…

It was my understanding that when Team A raises an auction, they are not required to place a bid in said auction. If the auction ends with no one having placed a bid, then the player would be awarded to Team A for the player’s current cap penalty (or $1 if no penalty on books). Mostly semantics, but slightly different from the system automatically registering a min bid from Team A.

My question - I have a $3 cap penalty for Ryu, whom I dropped ~30 days ago. Being outside the window, I opened an auction, which just closed. Considering his injury, I was surprised when the auction ended and I didn’t need to make a drop…went to see who bid and how much, and noticed that Team B had placed a $3 bid, and the system had inserted a $3 bid for myself. Is this just record keeping nuance, or did the system input a bid for me? Reason for concern is that Team B was below me in the standings, so they won and it wiped out Ryu’s CP for myself. But had Team B been above me in the standings, I would have won the auction, dropped Ryu and lowered his CP to $2 rather than the scenario that actually happened where the CP was completely removed.

League ID: 1285

Thanks in advance for clarification!

This is incorrect.

From the rules page:

V. b. … The team that nominated the player is obligated to bid on the player

The default bid is the minimum, as was mentioned here: