Draft freezing up over and over

Draft keeps freezing up: Ottoneu Fantasy Football

I haven’t made any changes to the draft today and after I made the change last night I was told that the remaining drafts worked really well. There are fewer drafts running today than yesterday as well.

Is the draft freezing during bidding or in between auctions? Is it freezing for everyone or just one person? Is there any action that seems to lead to more freezing?

Freezing during active auctions, maybe half the league experiencing it, at minimum?

During bidding, during chats, it’s happening over and over

Also happening during nomination period

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Ok, I’m investigating.

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It’s happening on every nom at this point - the league is getting super restless

Yeah I understand and apologize for the bad experience.

I pushed out another small change just now and am continuing to investigate.

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Seems to be working better

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I have an idea that might help, about to investigate it.

I pushed out another change about 10 minutes ago that so far seems to help. I have some more ideas and am continuing to monitor.

we’re suddenly super frozen

can’t do anything in terms of the draft - chat is live though

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Just pushed a bug fix, probably should redo your most recent auction. That one was related to a little bit of bad code in my most recent speed improvement and should not happen again.

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It was much better after the fixes, thanks!

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I’ve made another fix this morning and am exploring yet another fix today.

I’ve made a number of changes to the football auction draft to try and reduce freezing for more than a short bit. I believe performance should be better tonight. Please let me know if you have major issues.

Thank you for your patience and I apologize for the issues.

lagging a touch right now, league 214

Taking a look

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same in 148, not terrible but not as smooth as this years baseball auctions