Draft Room does not fit on 13" screen

Two different wishlist items:

  • I recently conducted our draft on my 13" screen laptop. Unless I really reduced the zoom level, I couldn’t see the list of teams with cap room $ remaining in the lower right corner, so I was constantly scrolling up and down to see how much I had left and how much other bidders did, and that was nerve-wracking because then I’d lose sight of the bidding. Two ideas: one would be to just move that box up so that it’s visible at the same level as the auction bidding info; the other would be to at least show near the top of the screen how much cap money is left for your team.

  • Totally different topic – but I’d love a single page where I could see all of my players’ news updates from Rotowire rather than have to click on each icon and open up the individual player page.

Thanks, Niv!


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I’ll reconsider layout for smaller screens. Thanks for this note!

Please make separate topics for each wishlist request / techsupport item.

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This is a tough problem, because of how much information is needed to draft effectively and figuring out what is the highest priority. I thought about moving the team list up the page and basically swapping its position with the chat box, but I think draft chat is really important so I couldn’t pull the trigger on that change.

Instead, I am toying with adding another section, just below the “Last Auction” area that shows cap and roster available. This is unused space right now, so it shouldn’t extend the height of the draft page at all.

I haven’t deployed this yet, but I can today if it looks helpful.

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I think that would do the trick, Niv. Seeing the whole list of teams would be great, but this is really the key thing – I really want a reminder of my own cap space left when I’m deciding how high to go in bidding, without scrolling. Thanks!

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Cool, this is live. If you don’t see these fields updating, it is due to having out of date javascript. A hard refresh or clearing your cache should set you straight.

The fields will not update while you are bidding, but will update when you win players in your draft.


I typically change the view on the browser; zooming it out. I find %80-85 works perfectly, without being too small to see. Easy chrome browser shortcut: hold control and scroll down on a mouse or two finger touch pad.

I’ve added a Max Bid field to this part of the page, so you can always see what your max possible bid is.