Single page with all Rotowire player news for my team

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Moving this to a separate thread


I fully support the second suggestion.

Draft Room does not fit on 13" screen

Yes, this is a good idea


I may or may not have a solution for this ready to go for the next version of the Surplus Calculator


I am meeting with Rotowire next week, I will see if I am allowed to present player news in this way. I believe I am not, under our current agreement.

@eamuscatuli I would be careful about presenting Rotowire content scraped from Ottoneu on the SC, it will get both of us in hot water.


Tell 'em I promise to keep listening to their team on XM Sirius Fantasy Sports Radio if they let you do it!. :wink:


Roger that, I will refrain from doing so


Hey Niv – Curious if you learned from your Rotowire meeting if this wishlist item is even a possibility. Thanks.


I got back from that meeting almost exactly when you posted this question. They do not want a single page with all the player news on it, but I’m seeing if I can make it team-specific.


Ok, I have gotten to all-clear from Rotowire to build a page that will show all the player news for your team in a league on one page. I’ll get working on that this afternoon probably, though my development time is low until the beginning of next week. Should be doable before the season starts!


Yay! Thanks, Niv. That’s great news.


This would be a phenomenal addition. Great request @mkirshenbaum


Today I’ve deployed the Team News page. You can find this in the Team submenu - visit your league home page, click on your team name, and then click “News”.

This page contains all the player notes we have for players on your team within the last 7 days. It shows the most recent note for each player.


Looks great, Niv! Thanks.


Love this new feature!


Great addition. Thanks.


Stumbled across the news feature and just had to login here and tell you how great it is! Mind-blown emoji awesome! a great great addition! Thanks much!


Could this feature be added to the Watchlist? It would be handy to get all the hot-takes on the players we are tracking.


I don’t have clearance to aggregate Rotowire news beyond “players rostered on your team”. Beyond that point I’m just replicating Rotowire’s paid service. If you’re into the player news page, consider checking out


Gotcha, thanks. Rotowire’s player page is great, I was just being a little lazy…