Draft Time Appearance Issue

Our league has agreed to an Auction Draft start time on March 12 at 8 pm EDT.

I have one team owner who says (and sent a picture) showing his green Auction Draft Day box is set at March 12 at 7 pm. We wondered if it was a time zone thing, but there are league members on Central time who see it at 8 EDT, and other owners on EDT see it at 8 pm as well. It seems this one owner is the only one having an issue.

Any idea what might be happening here? Thanks.

Refresh cache? That’s always the first thing I try when the site is acting weird.

Could you share this picture?

My guess is that he set his timezone in his user settings. If so, it’ll display the time as “7pm CDT”. I noticed the timezone of the person who saw 7pm was not mentioned, but everyone else explicitly saw EDT.

If you too want to change the site to show everything in your local timezone, you can learn more about it in this thread:

Obviously simply being in a location where Central Time is observed is not enough as the site does not track your location in any way.

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They should go check out their timezone settings in User Settings. The -05 indicates maybe timezone definitions got bumped or something.

Visit your site dashboard, click on Profile.

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Are they in Arizona? I think not observing daylights saving causes my times to be off, at least half the time, maybe…

It seems like some sites and/or systems don’t correctly assign a time zone. I kinda think its my software not ottoneu.

You set your timezone in Ottoneu. If you don’t do anything, you’ll see Eastern Time. Nothing else sets the timezone except going to the user profile and picking a timezone in the dropdown.

Sometimes those timezones shift around a bit, because it turns out global timezones change pretty regularly. But, the only way this affects a user is if that user at some point manually changed their timezone display on their User Settings on the site.


The issue was resolved. Thanks so much!

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Niv – This same problem is cropping up for me. League 652, I’m the commish and I’m seeing it on my league home page right after I set the draft time this morning.

I haven’t touched my time zone setings for years and haven’t had the problem before. I experimented with the time zone setting in my profile to see if that would affect the error and it turns out that if I set my time zone to anything but Los Angeles, it displays correctly. But when I have L.A. (and I’m on the west coast so that’s what I need) it shows this:


Alright let me rebuild the time zone table. This can happen because a new timezone is introduced or removed, which like I said up thread happens way more than one would expect.

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This should be fixed.

It is! Thank you.

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