End of 2018 Baseball Season Thread

Cap penalties and loans have been removed and player salaries are being increased as we speak. If you are a commissioner, please do not make any roster changes until this process is complete, in the next 2 hours or so.

The ability to update your league’s price tier will be available after player salaries are updated.

If you see anything weird, please let me know in this thread!

Player salaries are updated! Took closer to 15 minutes, not 2 hours. Good to know.

I’ll update this thread once game tier changes can be made.


On the Roster Organizer, all players were moved to the bench. Was that intentional?

It was not. Let me look into why that happened. Worst case I can restore to how Roster Organizer’s looked at 12:15p ET today.

I see what happened here - the new ‘increase’ transaction resulted in players being reset in the Roster Organizer. I’ll make a fix so that doesn’t happen again, and I’ll restore the Roster Organizer to where it was around 12:15p ET.

The roster organizer has been restored to its state per ~2 hours ago.

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Commissioners can now change their league’s prize tier. Let me know if you run into issues using this new functionality.

Just need a reminder of what happens to the players on 60 day DL during offseason.

There is no 60-day DL in the offseason, so players will be moved off 60-day DL status. The 60-day DL comes back at the beginning of the MLB season, so you’ll need to get to 40 players on your roster (or less) on the keeper deadline and probably won’t be able to draft anyone that is a ‘free’ roster spot during your auction draft.

That’s what I thought. When do the 60 day DL players get moved so owners don’t mistakenly keep more players than they should?

I am not exactly sure on the date in terms of Ottoneu. I know for MLB, the 60-day DL ceases to exist once the regular season ends and doesn’t exist again until Spring Training rolls around. I know there is a date sometime between now and the end of December where our injury data provider will wipe everyone off the 60-day DL, and I’ll check in with them for clarity on this next week.

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Thanks NIV and I hope you can some time to enjoy the playoffs.

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I got a response to this question! It turns out you cannot add players to the 60-day DL after the regular season, but you don’t have to remove players from the 60-day DL until after the World Series ends. So expect these players to no longer give an extra roster spot in the first week of November or so.

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