End of the 2021 Football Season thread

The 2021 Ottoneu Fantasy Football season is over. Congrats to everyone who won their leagues or came in the money.

Salary inflation will be applied tomorrow, January 5th. Prizes will be sent out tomorrow afternoon via PayPal to the email addresses we have on file. Please let me know if you have any questions or thoughts on the season.

Thanks as always for supporting Ottoneu Fantasy Sports!


Are all auctions/waiver claims now locked?

I had pending auctions not go through when the season “ended” (which was fine, just trying to clear cap penalties) but now I need to make my roster valid going into the off-season. My cut decisions will be affected by whether or not other teams can still make waiver claims or start auctions tomorrow and I can’t confirm myself because my team is invalid.

Appreciate any insight anybody can offer.

Anyone who clears waivers by midnight can be claimed - all waivers that finish today will be processed.

Anyone cut now cannot be claimed. Waivers will not be processed tomorrow.


Thank you, just the answer I was looking for.

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I’m starting the process of ending the 2021 season and rolling over to 2022 shortly.

This process is started and is about 2/3 done.

Inflation has been applied and the season has been rolled over.

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Prizes have been sent. Please check your email for a note from PayPal with instructions on how to claim your prizes.

Thanks everyone for a great 2021 Ottoneu Fantasy Football season!

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