Eric Thames Megathread


I believe Eric Thames is still listed with Baltimore AAA and not collecting stats.

Official Thread for Fantasy Baseball Player Addition

Getting a ton of questions about Eric Thames, so thought I’d separate it out into its own thread.


Apologies. Just found another one here too: Some players have the wrong MLB team listed


It’s opening day and Eric Thames is the most FanGraphs-friendly sleeper in quite some time, so it is a bit of a perfect storm :slight_smile:

He’s showing up as being on MIL now, and I imagine his stats are not far behind.


Boom there they are. That might be the last post about Thames this season.


People are upset about Thames not having any elegibility…Pitchforks might come out…they might burn the whole village. Are you prepared for this Niv?


His eligibility has been listed as “UTIL” this entire time, and in 6 days he will probably have 1B eligibility, so I am not worried about anyone who is shocked and dismayed by this very predictable turn of events.


but people are still upset…the pitchforks might come out…they might burn the village.


Was the update to Thames actually the reason for every player’s team getting a rollback to 2008? Or are they separate events? Just wondering if Thames owners can be blamed.


Haha, no, we cannot blame Eric Thames owners for this.

I had a mistake in my change here, but once it got fixed, teams seem to be pretty current now.


I can still start an auction for Barry Bonds tho :slight_smile:


That’s a feature, not a bug!