Extending Trade Deadline

Is there any thought to extending the trade deadline or allowing leagues to choose the deadline? The current deadline felt awfully rushed, especially with the holiday. Going into the first weekend of December seems like the far preferable solution, to allow for teams to dive back in to trade talks after the holiday.

Most redraft leagues have a deadline in December and here it seems concerns with late season trades are far less worrisome than redraft leagues. Heck, I’m not sure you need a trade deadline at all before the playoffs. But extending one week seems like that alone would do a lot of good.

In any event it seems making it customizable or least allowing leagues to choose from a few options is the best route, similar to how you can set your league’s roster rules or playoff format.


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I’m open to feedback on moving the football trade deadline one more week in future seasons. With the extension of the NFL season into 18 weeks and the fantasy season into 17 weeks as a result, I think this makes a bit of sense. If this is something you’d like to see, please let me know!

  • Extend the trade window one week (Deadline 6 days after Thanksgiving)
  • Keep it as it is (Friday after Thanksgiving)
  • No preference
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Thanks for always being responsive and open-minded Niv! We are lucky to have you.


Personally, it would be nice to have the deadline set so that players can play in that upcoming week (I.e. not later than noon or 4pm on Wednesday)


Yeah definitely agreed. Beating the primetime Thursday game is key.

It looks like Extend is the overwhelming favorite, so once I have the 2024-25 NFL season calendar I will propose a new trade deadline date.


Definitely move it back! Super strange having it halfway through a week imo.

Anyway this can go in effect this year? lol

I have an owner who wants to accept an offer I sent him pre-deadline, but forgot to check his team before deadline and is blocked from accepting the offer. Woof Woof

For any trades this year I suggest reaching out to your commish and seeing if they are willing to process the trade manually.


Niv - we need quicker processing times on trades, what’s your thoughts on that? Also any update on creating the app? I remember that was on your agenda previously

OttoDada is trying to make a run through LOTO, any advice or guidance would help.

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Please feel free to start new threads. This is not really related to extending the trade deadline.

That being said, trades process in 24 hours in football. That seems plenty fast.


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Niv, I wanted to follow up on this. Now that the 2024 Calendar is updated and posted, it still shows November 26 as the deadline. I’m not sure if these dates are just place holders (the start of season date for example says 2023), but wanted to reach out before too many people start looking at this calendar and relying on the dates made in it. I’m sure no one is relying on the trade deadline date right now, but just want to avoid any problems down the road.

I’m sure you have your hands full with baseball, so no rush on this. Just wanted to bring it up while it was on my mind.