Feedback: Your First Season of Ottoneu

Curious to hear feedback from those now about to finish their first season of Ottoneu. Thoughts?

What is the biggest challenge you faced playing Ottoneu for the first time?

  • Learning Ottoneu interface
  • Preparing for spring player auction
  • Depth of player pool
  • Advanced scoring/metrics
  • Getting to know my league owners
  • Trade process
  • Player transactions
  • General Ottoneu economics
  • Other (please comment)

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One of the biggest problems is honestly owner inactivity. Part of this is due to league makeup, but the base rules of ottoneu without player-generated ideas like coupons, etc., can cause many owners to pack it in really early.

I also believe illegal rosters should be enforced by ottoneu, rather than requiring the commissioner to do so, particularly over the last month of the season.


Is this inactivity you’ve seen from your first season? It’s true there’s no substitute for good owners. I have a long running Ottoneu league that has always been top heavy but it has such an excellent base of engaged owners that it continues to be my favorite.

This community is probably good resource for recruiting the most active, engaged Ottoneu owners this off season.

The coupons in @Brinksmanship have been pretty successful this year, I think, but we also have very good owners there as well.

Well, it’s my first year of ottoneu as a long time vet of fantasy baseball. I have 4 ottoneu teams this year, and I thought the transition to the ottoneu FGPts format was really no big deal. In particular, the No Loans (712) league is amazing - 12 fantastic active owners and the best of my leagues. The other three have a much lower level of activity across the board. I feel like there has to be a way to systematically keep more owners involved through the end of the season. I am seriously in the hunt for a championship in 2 of my leagues and both are top-heavy and dead (464 and 15).

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I will add that I am extremely interested in ditching a standard league and trying a coupon league.

I think you may see something along these lines this off season from Ottoneu, but I’m sure there will be some coupon leagues open up as well.

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