Football Draft performance

Our draft froze up, it is stuck with 1 second left on the bidding of a player. @nivshah anything going on on the back end?


I’ll check what’s up.

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Could you let me know which league ID?

sure thing! 152

It should be unfrozen. I am continuing to investigate.

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Seems like James Robinson broke our draft?

This goes on for another 30 or so more rows. In the draft software he is appearing both active auction and completed auction

Thanks Niv!

I’ll clear out those transactions

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This should be good now and was probably causing lag for the other draft that was running concurrently. Please let me know if you run into further issues. Tagging @mclaug51 who was dealing with some draft lag and freezing.

Thanks. Ours appears to be a little better now.

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we are feeling some lag when bidding as well.

Ok continuing to investigate

Seeing another weird issue. draft software says Rodgers went to one team for $46.

League page says he went to another team for $45

both teams are ok with how it played out, but wanted you to know.

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Ok will investigate this too.

Seeing way more lag now. Some managers can’t bid, timer jumps from 8 seconds to zero. It hung at 2 secs on another player for what felt like 5 seconds.

Yeah just saw a real bad CPU spike. Continuing to investigate why the performance is poor tonight.

CPU spike has subsided. I’m actually talking to our Ops provider to figure out what is going on, because I don’t see anything super obvious but can see that performance is not where I would like it to be.

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Thanks Niv!

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Happened again with Justin Jefferson:

Had to remove and put him back in the pool for re-auction.

I’ve increased some server resources to make the draft experience better. I’m also working bringing over some big draft improvements from baseball to football. This may be slightly late for those of you who drafted this year but will improve the drafting experience tremendously going forward.

These changes will also be included in the upcoming Ottoneu Fantasy Basketball.