G/AB minimum threshold recommendations?

I’m commisioner for a custom rules league and we are looking into incentives for continued participation throughout the season based on thresholds.

Would it be possible to share how the projections are calculated for G and IP? Some of our league’s projections are currently much lower than what I’m seeing other leagues did in 2021.

Which league? That calculation is rough but now depends on league settings.

Thanks for the response as always, Niv!

The league is 1348. It’s H2H w/ 6 team, one-week semi-final, two-week championship playoffs.

We are doing an expanded prospect roster and we want to set AB/IP thresholds that teams have to meet in order to keep a complete prospect roster.

I took a look at other 9 GS cap points leagues in 2021. In the 5 league sample, I found that the average team collected 5825 AB and1239 IP by Sept. 4 last year. The IP number is similar to how our league projects, but if I sum up projected games and multiply that number by the MLB average 2.3 AB/G, no team projects for more than 4000 ABs. We want the thresholds to motivate participation through the regular season, but we don’t want to set a number based on last year only to have most teams fall short.

Cool thanks for the context.

Are you more interested in figuring out if something is specifically wrong with the projected games in your league or are you more interested in advice for game or AB minimums?

Links to the leagues you are comparing your league with would be helpful as well.

Thanks, Niv. Don’t want to waste your time on this, so please don’t worry about it if it takes any effort!

I was looking at leagues 13, 462,1212, 1265, and 1308. They each have different playoff structures, but I just looked at 2021 up through the start of the 2021 playoffs for leagues with 1-week semifinals and 2-week championships (like 1308).

I don’t know that there is anything wrong with our league’s projections. Our league is based on the old 15 MiLB roster model, which had IP/AB thresholds set based on season-long with no playoffs. I was trying to find a way to set proportional thresholds for a league like ours. One of our league managers pointed out that the projected IP and G didn’t seem to line up with last year’s averages, so I was just hoping to gather more info so we could make an informed decision.

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Thanks again for all the context here.

I’ll look more closely at projected numbers for your leagues and these others later today or tomorrow. I’ve updated the topic title to maybe better reflect how people other than me might be able to help you in this thread.

Awesome. And again, thanks so much, Niv!

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I looked at current projections for league 13 (which I’m in) and 1348:

I just copied the projected games table for this season and then averaged the values per position:

1348 seems fine in this comparison. When the All-Star break days no longer count as “days remaining in the baseball calendar” you’ll see these projections bump up a bit and 1348 will look more in line with the previous seasons you compared against.

I would not use ABs for minimum thresholds but instead games, since that is what the manager can control by setting their lineup. I also wouldn’t do a MiLB roster and would just remove people if they are checking out for long periods of time, but that’s just me :slight_smile:


Thanks so much, Niv! This is super helpful. I think the G vs AB is a good idea. The MiLB roster has been fun - but it definitely complicated things!

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