Game Caps in non-H2H leagues with playoffs

In non-H2H leagues that have playoffs, do teams that have already hit their innings limit have the ability to score pitching points in the playoffs?

Game and IP limits do not have an effect on the playoffs

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so this is confusing me regarding H2H leagues as well. Having a Playoff actually makes positional games started limits based on 162 pointless then. Might it be helpful to add playoff oriented caps that correlate to the end of Aug games played, and end of Aug IP for points leagues with playoffs. Could this be an option, or standard, for next year?

There was a conversation here:

Feel free to visit that post and share your thoughts.

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In the second post of that thread I floated a proposal to make a different cap number from 162 / 1500 for leagues that are not H2H in the regular season but switch to playoffs.

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Any update on this yet? It is a good idea.

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I think a 135 game cap for all position players, 675 for OF in non-H2H leagues with playoffs makes sense, as well as a 1250 IP cap. This would differ from the caps for non-H2H leagues that do not have playoffs, which are currently 162 (810 for OF) and 1500 IP.

I’ll investigate implementing this change and then make an official call towards the end of January, before the keeper deadline.


Sounds good. The 1250 IP cap is the most important one or any IP cap. Thanks.

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