Gauging interest for forming a new league this year (draft later in April)

New League (fangraphs format)

Lower stakes ($50 or $20)

Draft dates of mid-April (April 16-17 or after)

Prefer fellow newbie managers.


I’d be interested. This would be my first time playing Ottoneu, so I’d prefer a $20 league.

Background: I’ve played in a ‘keep many’ auction league with annual salary inflation on a big box site for several years. It lacks in-season player auctions and salary arbitration, so (free) waiver claims and late auction picks play an outsized role in winning. Prices are skewed as a result ($10 Soto, $9 Bieber, $5 Tatis) and there are 3 teams in the league that can contend this year. This was well understood at the end of the preseason auction 10 days ago. I’ve got one of the 3 teams, but after several years, ‘winning by waiver claim’ isn’t interesting the way it was when I started with an abandoned team.

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Would be interested at whatever price. First year in Ottoneu, but currently in my first league, would like to try another.


Thats great. We are up to 4 already including one manager who emailed me.

I’ll set up the league when we get up to 8 interested/committed with the aim of being a 12 person league.

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League is up and open. #1323 “Did It All For The Rookies” on the Join A League board



I’ve joined league 1323, thanks.

Arbitration is currently set up to be by vote off rather than by allocation.

Is that meant to make it easier for new players?

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Highly recommend Arb fwiw

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I don’t think that’s it’s any easier for new players. Actually it might be a little harder to wrap your head around.

I’ve only done one vote off league, but it was a couple of years ago with mostly people new to Ottoneu. The first year vote off was ineffective because people didn’t really understand the purpose. The objective is to make each team’s highest surplus player a restricted free agent. At least in this league, people just voted for each team’s best player. Which created several situations where the restricted free agent was retained for a lower salary than if we were not a restricted free agent.

The consequences of “bad” arbitration allocations is just that the player whose salary is increased gets cut. That doesn’t really affect competitive balance. But a “bad” vote off can mean that a $50 player winds up being retained by his original team for $45 or whatever. Works out great for that guy, but not for the rest of the league in terms of having surplus diminished on select players.

So yeah, I agree with Niv: arbitration allocations are 100% the way to go. I don’t know that I’d ever play in a vote off league again.

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Fixed. Now allocation system.


Still looking for 8 managers.

#1323 Did It All For The Rookies.

Have 4 remaining spots. Fangraphs Points. $20. First draft night targeted for April 23.

League #1323 Did It All For The Rookies

Is your preference still for those new to Ottoneu? I’ve been playing Ottoneu since 2018, but only one FGPts league so far (the rest have been 5x5).

Love to get into a fantasy league. Just learning but love it!!

We’ve got one remaining spot as of now. Dibs goes to whoever clicks through first.

Don’t have to be entirely new to Ottoneu, but nearly all of us our first years and first time with a fangraphs point league that have signed up thus far.

Looks like you may have found your last manager b/c I dont see your league on the Join a League page. But if you are looking for a manager I’d like to join your league.

I may be late to this party, but after just reading about Ottoneu in my phone feed, I knew I had to join. My fantasy experience is limited and would definitely fit into a rookie classification. So if a spot opens here, I am all in. $20 or $50 is fine by me. Thanks and good luck to this entire group. DL

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I think I’m ready for Ottoneu

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20 year fantasy vet. Read about Ottoneu online tonight. Very interested in joining a league. Willing to do any type. thanks!


Keep checking the message board. Existing teams open up who need a replacement manager over the course of the season. Or maybe you’ll see a bunch of guys posting who can get together to form a new league. Also check the Managers Seeking Leagues page here for potential guys to band together with.

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