Gauging interest in starting a new h2h league

howdy baseball fans! looks like im in danger of not having an ottoneu league this year. OH NO!!! cant let that happen. i would like to found a h2h fangraphs points league with a 10 game/ week starts cap, but at this point i would be open to just about any type of league, so post below if you would be interested in joining a new league, and what type of scoring, arbitration, starts caps, and price level you would be interested in and maybe we can all get together and found us a league!

I’m in for a new H2H league, 10 S/Wk, FGPTS, $20-50.

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I would like to join a H2H fangraphs points.It would take some time to draft say a Friday and a Saturday and maybe hook up with one of the private league that have been out there but aren’t getting enough members like Smack Shack Dynasty or JuanPierreAppreciationSociety. Thoughts?

I am dying to try Ottoneu but couldn’t drum up enough interest with people I know. I was thinking of doing 5x5 Roto but with top 4 teams making H2H playoffs in September. But I would do straight H2H if we could get one going.

I was going to do arb system.

I would be in for $50-100. The higher it is the less chance of owners giving up.

I could also add maybe a couple that I had previously ready to go, but getting a bit late now. Maybe to take care of the time crunch we auction one night and then slow draft to finish reserves? Or something else creative.

Keep me posted.


I’d be interested in a 5x5 Roto full season, and like the $50-$100 buy-in.

Had an idea about starting a last minute league that I laid out here given constraints in trying to get a draft together at this late moment:

Open to all formats though prefer H2H points and really want to try the allocation system for end of season. But open to whatever.

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I’d be interested in picking up another league. Even better if it’s $100. I’ve done H2H before, and would highly recommend the Arb allocation system and some kind of GS cap (9-10). Let me know…

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I’m a bit broken record-y at this point, but the Available Owners board also has some people worth reaching out to:

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I am not interested in a snake draft.


Okay looks like there is some interest out there. I’m counting 6 who would do a $50 h2h fangraphs points, with maybe a couple that tavo knows and if we can convince cookie to go h2h we would have 9. I think scheduling the draft for the 24th and potentially pushing it back or continuing it so we could be ready by the 28th. Does Sunday the 24th work for ppl? Say 4 Pacific/7 eastern? Hopefully we can pick up 3-6 owners by then

Any chance we could talk you into the $100 tier for that startup h2h league?

Sorry, just wanted to clarify I wouldn’t be interested in any kind of points league. Just so that you didn’t count me if that’s the route people wanted to go.

Last year I was in a startup draft the took about 7 hours. We did it on 2 nights.Start up leagues take a long time. If most of the people are Pacific. 7 PM Sunday night does not work for me.I have to get up 4Am on Mondays. It would have to be a Friday and Saturday or Sat/Sun afternoon for me . I have done 2 drafts on returning leagues this year and they each took over 3 hours.

yeah thats a good point. lets try for 10am pacific/ 1 pm eastern

This is my preferred format. Please keep me posted/invite me if you create this league.

okay i founded it. $100 tier h2h 2 week playoffs arbitration offseason. public so no password needed to join heres the link. drafting 3-24 10 am pacific/ 1 pm eastern

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I would much rather draft in the evening and split the draft into two days. I don’t know about others, but it would be impossible for me to dedicate so many hours during the day on a Sunday to a draft.

splitting the draft into 2 days seems to be the consensus, which is fine with me. maybe 4 hours on sunday and the rest monday evening. whatever the consensus of the people who have paid in turns out to be, im flexible

“I’m in for a new H2H league, 10 S/Wk, FGPTS, $20-50.”

This is what I responded to. Not $100. I’m out


Before I commit to the league, do you know when the draft(s) will be? As much as I’d like to join and then figure it out with the group, I also know that there are certain times that I just can’t make so don’t want to join and then withdraw if it’s not going to work.