Gio Urshela position eligibility glitch?

Hey everyone,

Any one else having issues moving Gio in their lineup? It says he is 1b/ss/3b eligible but he is currently stuck in my MI or SS position. I cannot move him to 1b or 3b - is this a glitch? My roster is legal so that’s not the issue. Can’t think of what else it might be.

EDIT: I got it to work - for some reason when he was in my lineup, at MI, he could only be moved to SS (probably because that is a MI position). Once I moved him to my bench, he could then be moved to any of his eligible positions. Maybe this can be fixed so we don’t have to move a player to the bench?

EDIT 2: I realized why this happens - it’s trying to swap the players, so if the other player also isn’t dual eligible, it won’t let me swap them. This is why moving to the bench and back into the lineup works because the position being swapped is the ‘bench’ position. I guess I thought it would auto bench the other player. Maybe it is too early in the morning and I should have known this :slight_smile:


This was a fun hero’s journey.


It was quite the ride this morning. New to ottoneu and enjoying it so far!