Gmail marking emails as spam 2/15/22

Tons of messages flying around today so Gmail has decided we are sending spam and blocking some messages. Not much I can do about it tonight until the keeper deadline passes and the email count goes down, but I guess I’ll have to give a greater thought to this wishlist request because apparently what we are doing now is not sustainable.

Try to check the site as best you can, if you know that email is not working super great tonight. Sorry about that, really the worst possible day for it.


To make sure you get Ottoneu emails on your Gmail account, I believe that you can take the following steps to add as a personal contact and thus bypass the spam filter. To do so:

  1. Open a message from the sender you want to save as a contact in Gmail
  2. Hover your cursor over the sender’s name at the top of the email
  3. Select Add to Contacts on the pop-up pane

This link provides a video:


I think it might be happening at the server level. But I would greatly appreciate it if you all do this too!

Emails from Ottoneu are not even showing up in my spam filter. Gmail needs to discover how great Ottoneu is! :slight_smile:

Oh, you’re right. Looks like there have been cuts that I haven’t gotten emails about even in my spam filter. Those bastards.

I’ve registered Ottoneu with Gmail’s postmaster tools and see a grand total of 0.0% spam complaints and yet this has still happened. Not great.

I’m getting Ottoneu emails again!

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Great! Not quite out of the woods but on our way!

Gmail is no longer blocking our emails, but I kind of get why they were. The spike on the left is a reminder for teams that are expiring.