More options for how emails are delivered

Email notifications are super useful, but any chance it would be possible to create an option that would take all of the less urgent notifications by league and combine into a single email maybe every few hours or end of the day or something? Perhaps cuts, auctions started/ended, etc, which might be easier to digest in periodic lists than frequent individual notifications, and don’t require immediate action. Guessing most folks would still want instant notifications for trades, messages, etc. Not a huge deal, and no idea how hard it would be, but just a thought especially on days like today when the notifications can be overwhelming to keep up with especially if you have multiple leagues!

I have no idea how feasible it is, but something like a twice daily digest would be an awesome addition.

I’m not particularly interested in doing this, it would be a ton of work and would increase email costs by a significant amount.

Fair enough … didn’t really have any idea what it would entail, but thought I’d toss it out there since it’s been in the back of my mind for a long time.

Well you guys weren’t kidding, we are sending our most emails ever and Gmail has decided our increased volume means we are spamming today. This should fix itself in the next day and sometime soon I’ll look into reducing the individual emails.

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We can blame everyone who makes their cuts one-by-one!