Go Forward/Backward More Than One Day on Lineups Page

When you set your lineups, there is a link at the top to change days - one day forward and one day backward. When trying to plan out your lineup for the week to the 10 GS max, would be more helpful if you could easily jump pages and go forward/back more than one day at a time.

An additional perk would be rather than listing the day as “April 6” to list it as “Tue Apr 6” for a similar reasoning.

Obviously, both of the above would create a longer list of characters and may run into issues with mobile, but would be a worthwhile change.

Try clicking on today’s date

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Well, I never tried that one! You’re way ahead of me. Thanks!

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Love a good undocumented feature…

I’d also consider the schedule view, in the drop-down of splits, when planning SP for the week.