H2H set lineups for Championship round

Any idea when we can set the lineups for todays beginning of the two week Championship round in H2H? Usually it’s
6am EST.

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Was wondering the same thing. Tied up at work during the day and there are a few day games, and pitchers I need to move into my lineup. Frustrating

I’m looking.

This should now be fixed. That’s on me, sorry about that.

No worries thanks. Sorry if I woke you up :blush:

You didn’t and I should have!

A dumb question but it’s my first 2 week H2H championship. Does your team get 10 pitching starts spread out over the two weeks or 10 per week?

Resets on Monday for 2-week playoff matchups

Thanks. I’ll put it out to the league.

I should explicitly point out that the 2nd week of the finals this year is 10 days because MLB slapped 3 days to the end of the season to make up for not starting the season on time. There will not be a second reset on October 3.

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Perfect. I let the league know. Thanks.


Really wish I’d read this thread last week. :frowning: