Happy Graduation

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My first season, took over a couple of teams, with one league pretty much folding and the other much closer to compete next year. I even got Niv to add a cut players confirmation screen!! 3 teams this year, hoping for my first flag!


My first season (4x4, #645) is complete! I took over an abandoned last place team in October '17. Having complete confidence in my baseball knowledge and good fortune, I thought it would be an easy climb to the top. I couldn’t have been more wrong! The team I inherited was littered with bad salaries and overpriced veterans. In addition, the league was very good. Our front runner nearly went wire-to-wire and hovered right around 90 pts for the majority of the year. I was able to make a couple trades that left my roster younger and cheaper - although I am not certain I made the team better. That being said, I had a great time playing. I made goals of 1250 IP and get as close to the “Max Effort” badge as I could. I barely reached the innings pitched threshold and fell short of the 162 GP at many positions. I finished in 11th place (if all teams had met the IP requirement). The biggest surprise was how challenging this game is!

Ottoneu is exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely be back next year. Happy Graduation for Buhner of Later please!



First season, concluded!


I came to Ottoneu in hopes of finding a complete, data-driven dynasty experience and it didn’t disappoint (despite the 8th place finish). Took over a team that finished bottom two the year prior and turned it over into a sustainable engine for the future. Saving grace in the first year was a constant consideration of the Ottoneu FGpts player value curve, which shows mid-level players aren’t worth consideration against low $ shots in the dark or high $ sure things.


Just completed my first season in two different leagues!

Won first place by half a point as an expansion team in a longstanding roto league that went from 10 teams to 12 teams this season.

Took second place in a first year roto league, which we created to replace two longstanding Yahoo! leagues (running circa 2003) where we kept the most competitive owners from each of the two leagues.

Looking forward to arbitration!


First season complete


Jagged Little Pills. Been wanting to try ottoneu for a few years and finally decided to just Commish a new league (won too). Great experience. Looking forward to another season.


Just finished my first season on Ottoneu AND took my league championship!! What a combo! I came to Ottoneu seeking a more in depth dynasty experience with added layers of strategy unlike anything else out there and boy has it delivered!


Haha, it looks like I earned a few of these badges :slight_smile:

Photo Finish

Ottoneu Baseball Champion

Max Effort

Free Lunch




Finished my first season in this great Ottoneu world and it was worth the money plus more. I have been trying to get my long time dynasty and fantasy buds to get into Ottoneu for next year, as I truly think this format is the future and the landscape of Ottoneu is unique and a perfect dynasty based format. Will for sure be back next year!


Also, my team is ‘Thy Field of Dreams’ squad. Came down to the last day and unfortunately, the team that snuck in was taking on a team who was not paying attention by seasons end… Slightly bitter, but most enjoyable season of fantasy in my mind!