Head-to-Head scoring coming to Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball in 2018

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What happened to the 60 IP limit in H2H leagues? Without it the best strategy is to fill a roster of SPs to get 2 starts each night. Quantity over Quality.


Two things:

  1. It is basically impossible to make a hard 60 IP cap work, and a soft cap was considered to exploitable by H2H veterans
  2. It was replaced by having 2 SP slots instead of 5 SP slots.

I don’t know if I necessarily agree that any team can consistently stream 2-start starters through the whole season and ride an inferior team to championship by that strategy. There are a variety of reasons that this won’t necessarily work in Ottoneu, and I think we should see how this season plays out before we make assumptions about how the season will play out one week into the season.


Hi. I’m new to this. Our league is a good case study as to the starting pitcher issue. A couple of us in our league; and I was first; identified the need to have as many starting pitchers as possible. I am leading our league by 200 points (3-0-0 H2H) early in the season I have by far the most IP and least AB. To be fair, my P/G is highest with the low AB but I still think this demonstrates the point. Some limitation should be made on starting pitchers unless you wish to encourage this strategy. As it stands right now, without seriously changing the configurations of their teams, 4 of our teams have literally no chance to compete, and it maybe more like 6 or 7. It doesn’t seem right for things to be so out of balance this early in the season.


FYI: this is league 935. I’m the commissioner here and we’ve been having extensive discussions among the leaders about SP streaming and strategy. It does seem a little out of balance. JP has been thinking pretty deeply about the analytics of pitching streaming and it does seem pretty easy to load up on SP to make it as likely as possible to get 1 or 2 starters everyday (especially if your one of the first 3 or 4 teams to think of it). Hard to see the downside of an occasional negative pitching performance (maybe -15) verses 20-50 points for an ok-good performance; especially as teams rarely keep consistently crappy starters in the rotation.

EDIT: JP’s full thoughts are interesting and on our league board: https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/935/home


I am also in a head-to-head league, identified the same strategy pre-draft, and currently the 4th lowest scoring team…I think its a good strategy that will work, but with consequences. Personally, I think its to wayyyy to early (and the sample size is to small) to conclusively say this is the best strategy to win.

Ottoneu provides tons of long-term roster building options not present in other more “rigid” formats, it would be really sad to change rules so everyone uses the same strategy, like all other sites…

There are roughly 150 SP’s at any given time in MLB, there are 480 roster spots in a 12 team league. This tells me that pretty much every SP’s should be owned in H2H Ottoneu, which kinda mimics a real-life scenario, since you could probably argue that all SP’s are amongst the 480 most valuable ball-players in real life.

I also don’t actually think there is a H2H scoring change that would “improve” the scenario you are describing, better than what we’ve got (2 SP slots). It was probably the most active discussion thread on this site leading up to the season, I’d say the logic is holding pretty solid.

Can we move this to the H2H strategy thread? This is a really good discussion, lets make it explode!!!


There is the beginnings of a strategy thread here:

The crossover between strategy and game balance is heavy, and I keep an eye on both. This is definitely interesting stuff.


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Hey Niv, where have we netted out on the 2019 trade deadline? Our league is moving to H2H playoffs next season (4 teams, 2 weeks apiece), which means the playoffs will begin early Sept. However, if the trade deadline remains August 31, I fear there may be some one-sided trades near the end of the regular season as tanking teams concede defeat and contenders make a late push. Please advise. Thanks!


I haven’t received much concern regarding the trade deadline in 2018. As a result, there are no plans to change the trade deadline as of right now.

Of course, for those of you who were in playoff leagues, if you have feedback regarding the trade deadline, please let me know through the Wishlist forum.