Individual Player Performance on H2H Game Pages

Really not liking that there are no “today’s stats” option for H2H leagues so I can look at a breakdown on how my players are performing.

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This will be added this week. If anyone has examples of game pages from other sites, that would be immensely helpful.

I think ESPN actually does a pretty good job. One think I like a lot is that they have integrated the lineup and scoring pages. You see game stats for “today” and season stats whenever you go to another day to set lineups. The h2h box score is just a matchup-view of the stats. I can get some screengrabs if you like.


The functionality is almost there in Ottoneu. If you had a “Today” filter in the Lineups page (last item after “vs. L”, perhaps) that would show daily stats without there needing to be a separate Today’s Stats page. (This applies to FGPTs as well).

That might be true, but I think there’s value in showing a log of player stats on the individual game pages. Screen grabs from ESPN sound interesting.

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I guess to keep things simple, I could just add the “Today’s Stats” page back - or would people in H2H leagues like to see the set of players that got them to that score on the game page?

Niv, thanks for the quick reply! I do like that page, so my vote would be to add it back :).

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I’m not sure I have a strong preference about HOW the details are explained - Today’s Stats feels fine - just as long as I have a quick glance at how my guys are doing today.

I was thinking that maybe the matchup page could show, instead of each stat and the total points for both teams, each PLAYER in the lineup that day and his total number of points for the day. I don’t even need the granular breakdown in the Summary, just POS - Player - Today’s Points. The addition of “Today’s Stats” to see the more granular data could be a nice bonus on top of that.

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I think a matchup page like CBS uses is a good starting place.

A screenshot would be helpful if anyone has one.

Some examples from ESPN (H2H League)

Daily Stats Page – Same page is used for lineup management. Live stats are the default when you are on the current date. Season stats are the default when you are on a future date.

Live Stats when games are in session for the selected date

Season Stats for a future date

H2H Box Score page shows all matchups for the current week:

H2H ESPN Box Score Detail


What if on the Lineups page, “Today” was added to the dropdown that currently includes: Season, In Lineup, Last 30 Days, Last 15, Last 7, v R, and v L.

Wherever it is displayed, it would be nice to see our bench as well, that way we know what we’d be scoring if we were better at what we are doing…

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I am pretty convinced that merging the live page and the lineups page is a good medium-term goal.

In the short-term, I’m adding the daily stats page back to the nav for H2H leagues.

Please LIKE this comment if you’re interested in a full box score on the game page.

If the daily stats (live) page is enough, leave a note.


@nivshah thank you for the Today’s Stats pages for H2H leagues, definitely a great start! I feel this is already a huge quality-of-life improvement over yesterday.

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Thanks for putting the Today’s Stats back in. One small win is that if I’m working through all of my teams in the Today’s Stats context, the h2h team doesn’t throw me out of it.

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I’m liking the H2H presentation. Any chance we could get a “totals” row for both the Batting Stats and Pitching Stats tables?

Also, on the standings page of H2H, the Point Totals column (bottom table) don’t appear to be working


“Total” rows have been added to the batting and pitching stats tables.

Still working on the Standings table.

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Point totals are back on the standings page for H2H leagues.

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I really like the H2H interface and setup. Really nice change of pace this season

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