Hiding inactive and retired players in the database

Hey guys,

One of the big requests from the draft feedback thread was regarding old players showing up in search. This has been a common theme throughout the history of Ottoneu, and I’m sure all of you have fun stories about the wrong Jose Bautista or Jake Mauer instead of Joe Mauer or what have you.

I’m happy to report that I’ve just pushed out some changes that should significantly decrease the number of non-active players that show up in search results. Everyone who has played a game in the last 3 years should still show up, as well as players who have recently been added to the system manually. This should make search a lot cleaner and especially help in the fast-paced auction draft room next season.

If you have a retired player on your team, he will remain on your team. It just will be harder to find retired players and start auctions for them.

Let me know if you think a valid player has gone missing or otherwise how this change affects you. Thanks!


RIP Jake Mauer…it was a good run.