How are unclaimed teams and players handled the following year?

I am contemplating claiming an existing Ottoneu team. (I am in need of an obsession!) I am curious how unclaimed teams and their players are handled the following year. I assume the unclaimed teams are disbanded. Additionally:

  1. What happens to the players on unclaimed teams next year if those teams remain unclaimed?
  2. Is the league disbanded if the number of teams goes below a certain limit (e.g., <6)?
  3. Does Ottoneu combine leagues to form a full 12-team league?
  4. Do the players on unclaimed teams just join the Free Agent pool to be chosen at the next year’s auction draft?
  5. Are there any conditions under which existing teams would release their players and the whole league would proceed as if it were a first year draft?
  6. Are there posted rules for league management, or is that just left to the discretion of each league’s manager and team owners?


I’ll answer the best I can, but those of you who are commissioners should chime in as well.

  1. Nothing, they remain on the team.
  2. Not automatically, no.
  3. No, that really wouldn’t make sense given the format.
  4. No. They stay on the team they were on.
  5. Not automatically, no.
  6. Heavily left to the discretion of each league, because of the nature of the format.

Interested in if anyone has further thoughts on these very good questions.

I remembered this morning that @kberry8 was looking at something relevant for his league: