League Revamp


A league I am in has had a lot of turnover of the same team owners recently and the some of the older members and I were discussing was to revamp it up. Basically the issue is those teams that had consistent owners have a huge advantage than those that have had some turnover. Almost 4,000 points (Fan Graphs Points 12 Teams) separates the bottom two teams from the top two teams.It has been a three team race for weeks now.
I was thinking an expansion draft type adjustment may be in order. Each team gets to keep/protect 10 players from their roster. Everyone else would get cut to go back into the draft. If a team had less than 10 players on their own team then a compensation draft would happen from the players other teams cut in order for them to get to 10.

Have you been in any leagues like this and done anything to successfully revive it?

I think this is a pretty interesting idea. My league has done an expansion draft with pretty good results, but this sounds more like “one year only you only can keep X”, which seems like a great way to reset the market without totally tanking certain teams. I’d consider skipping arbitration if you’re already looking at such a big market correction.

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We plan to vote on it at seasons end. A few owners had reasons they couldn’t control and had to leave, and others were a little overwhelmed at the attention you need to put into this platform. Just looking for a quick adjustment to make the league more competitive from top to bottom.