How Do You Use the Roster Organizer?

Breaking out my assumptions here:

How do you use the Roster Organizer during the regular season?

  • Exclusively Off-season Planning
  • Both in-season and off-season planning
  • The roster organizer is available during the regular season?
  • What’s the Roster Organizer?

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EDIT: In case you never noticed, you can visit the Roster Organizer from the lineups page. I feel bad for whoever voted for option 3 :grimacing:

Hi Niv,

I voted “Exclusively Off-season Planning”, but I wanted to clarify that I just don’t really use the Roster Organizer for anything from Opening Day until either when I decide to sell or towards the trade deadline. And then I use it for “next season planning.”

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I’m constantly using it, switching between this year and next. When I’m shopping I plot out my roster and what it would look like with additions/subtractions. When I’m looking towards next year, I’ll add phantom players to represent arbitration and allocations. This way I can have a grasp of what my off season focus should be.

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I use the roster organizer year round; it’s one of the most useful tools on the site IMO. I find it quite effective when mulling trade offers, always with an eye toward the future. I feel it would be beneficial to add $2 player salary increases and future position eligibility to present a more accurate depiction of next season’s roster. It would also be helpful to include a box where you can manually enter a rough estimate of arbitration allocation. I tend to make a rough calculation in my head.

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Agree with this completely.

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I don’t care who gets arb dollars on my team, so instead of using the organizer I’ll usually just export my roster in excel. Then add the standard league inflation of $1-$2 and then $33 to the bottom line salary. Gives me a worst case scenario of who to cut going into next season. If we could have the ability to assign arb dollars for next year based on what we think will happen that will make it so much more functional as a future planning tool in season.

I do this exact same thing with regards for “planning for the worst” around arbitration.

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When you add a target on the Roster Organizer, is it supposed to search for the player in our league and then populate their stats? Because it’s not doing that in my browser - I’m running Safari version 15.1 on a Mac - and instead it’s just accepting the name as plain text. For instance, I enter “C.J. Cron” and it doesn’t suggest his name, and then no stats appear next to his name. Is that how it’s supposed to work? Thanks!

Yes that is how it is supposed to work - you can type in anything you want to! It will not search for a player or tie that text to a player.

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Oh cool! Thanks for the clarification, Niv.

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