How to handle Rays "openers"?

Let’s say I own Jalen Beeks. He doesn’t technically start his games, but he pitches 5 innings and is in line for the win. He seems to be functioning as a starting pitcher, even if he’s not that in name. So do I play him in the SP or the RP slot?

The Ottoneu rules state: “To get credit for a pitcher’s performance, you must play him in the same role as his major league team uses him. Pitchers who start in real life must be put into SP roles, and pitchers who come out of the pen must be put into RP roles, regardless of eligibility.” But it seems like those very roles are starting to get more fuzzy. So how should players handle this type of situation?

I guess the answer hinges on the purpose of the SP/RP rule. I’ve looked around a bit to find the reasoning but couldn’t find anything.

I think he’d have to be used in a RP slot given the rules as stated. The issue here is how long until a pitcher like this gets RP eligibility. Not sure in Beeks case since he made some legit RP appearances in Boston.

SP and RP eligibility exist solely for search purposes.

Jalen Beeks is coming out of the bullpen - he is not starting, he does not get a GS. As a result, he has to be used in a RP slot.

The reasoning for this rule is that it prevents using pitchers who have both SP and RP eligibility but pitch primarily out of the bullpen from being used in SP slots on days you don’t have 5 starters going, etc.

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Well shit…I missed that entirely! Makes it quite easy actually.

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