Illegal roster between end of season and arbitration

I’m sure this is covered elsewhere, so forgive me, but what happens when a team adds, say, 15 players and has 55 players on their roster at season’s end? I know that’s fine post-arbitration, but are players allowed to do that pre-arb? Are they required to make their rosters valid in order to participate in arbitration?

Teams do not have to make their rosters legal before arbitration because the 60-day IL goes away, meaning stashed 60-day IL players would leave a team’s roster in an illegal state.

And as you’ll see in the threads linked by Niv, it is really up to each league to determine where they draw the line on “spirit of the rules”. I like to start a dozen auctions when I’m done competing at the end of the year, but mostly because it is last chance to replace some guys I think are unkeepable, and I don’t know which flyers/prospects I will win or lose in the auction. If I win too many, I will just cut the extras. I won’t try to keep more than 40 + IL60

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@nivshah …nice feature would be ability for owners to make their own cuts for 24 or 48 hours after end of season. If that is too difficult, then setting last day to launch auctions a day earlier, so there is time to cut excess players on last day of season.

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