Going over roster/cap limits towards the end of the season


A related question, say, for example, a team makes a dozen of such final day claims. In doing so, he goes way over his team’s cap space and roster limits. Will the system allow this team to participate in arbitration in this illegal state? I don’t think it should.

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There aren’t cap and roster limits in the offseason. If there were, 99% of teams would be in an illegal state, between loans no longer existing (they disappear on the last day of the regular season) and the 60-day DL disappearing.

I spoke to this a little bit here:

All teams are eligible to participate in arbitration. It is up to each league to determine how comfortable or uncomfortable they are with purposefully circumventing cap / roster rules towards the end of the regular season. There was a long debate in Slack a couple of years ago about the practice of starting 50+ auctions on the last possible day, and it basically comes down to whatever your league is ok with and setting expectations so everyone is on the same page.


But there is an important distinction between teams becoming “illegal” due to the offseason reset as opposed to entering the off-season in a true illegal state (even if it is less than 24 hours), right? I think there should be a mechanism in place that maintains the integrity of the caps. A team spending $ or taking on roster spots the systems indicates it doesn’t have, doesn’t seem like a practice that should be allowable to me.

Thanks for the quick response!


I agree, but that line becomes blurry quickly, which is why it is up to leagues to set the boundaries.

We had an owner start a bunch of auctions in the original league a few years back, we talked it through, and it hasn’t come up since because we all kind of agreed it wasn’t great.


I noticed this issue in a couple of leagues last year - one guy in particular rostering 60+ guys at the end of the season.

I made it very clear in 160 that any team pulling that stunt would have the transactions reversed a week prior to the end of the season.

The only other league that this occurred in is unlikely to continue going forward - so was just one team being funny.


I agree with Niv on this. Our league decided last year to set an unofficial deadline at arbitration that teams needed to be legal or the commissioner could remove a team’s most recently added players.