Import CouchManagers Draft Results

Today I’m happy to announce that Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball now supports importing results from CouchManagers Slow Auction Drafts.

You can find this option under Commish Tools -> Import Rosters. Much thanks to CouchManagers for working with us to add Ottoneu IDs to their Auction CSV exports.

Step by Step

  1. Once your auction draft is completed, download the CSV from CouchManagers, under “Auction Settings”. Make sure the file has a .csv extension. Ottoneu will not accept it otherwise.

  1. Visit Commish Tools -> Import Rosters

  1. Select your CM export file and press Upload

  2. You will be presented with a form that allows you to “link” a CM team and an Ottoneu team.

  1. Once two teams are linked together, click the checkbox on the right to lock these two teams together and start on the next teams.

  2. Once all the teams are linked, click “Confirm” and launch the import process. You’ll receive a report that automatically updates with the number of records processed. Once the import is completed, you’ll have the option to run another import

Some Notes

  • Any player in the CouchManager export that has an active player transaction in your league will be skipped as a duplicate record.

  • There are a small number of players who have the wrong Ottoneu ID in the CouchManagers system. The most prominent one I noticed was Wander Franco. I’m working with them to sort that out but please be sure to verify your import results, especially for minor leaguers.

We believe Slow Auction Drafts are a great supplement or alternative to the real-time auction draft and are very excited to allow imports from CouchManagers. Let us know if you run into issues or have feedback about this new feature.

Thanks as always for supporting Ottoneu Fantasy Sports!


This is great - thanks Niv


We just successfully used this feature in my league and, after emptying my browser cache, it worked like a charm. The whole league was uploaded and input in under twenty seconds. Killer feature (thanks, Niv) and absolutely ideal for new leagues starting out with a slow auction draft. Chin chin!


Nivshah as always you freakin rock! What a great feature. Do you by chance know if this is backwards compatible? It’d be even cooler to take my leagues 300+ keepers and have them importable to couchmanagers.

You can’t import into couchmanagers at this time but we are working with them to see if it would be possible in the future.


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hey Niv, our league 1419 just finished our draft on couch managers. Is there something else we need to do to “activate” the league so we can start monday (tomorrow)? Thanks

After an import is completed, you go to League Settings and do whatever the thing is that says “do not auction draft on site”. The box that is labeled “Uncheck this box if you do not want to use Ottoneu’s auction draft page for your auction draft.”

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