Inaugural season complete!

Alright, an update for all of you patiently waiting for prizes.

  1. I’m very close on dealing with this issue affecting leagues that had 4 playoff teams and thus skipped the final week of the NBA regular season:

I believe I will have this issue resolved tonight or tomorrow

  1. Once I have that issue resolved, we should be fully ready to send prizes out to everyone. This will now happen either Saturday or Sunday.

I’ll update this thread once these steps are complete. Appreciate the patience and should have everyone sorted very soon!

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Bug is fixed, prizes tomorrow.

Ottoneu Fantasy Basketball prizes for the 2021-22 season have been sent out via PayPal.

Arbitration starts on May 1

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Just FYI the rules page still says arby starts June 1

Good call out, I was flopping between a couple of dates for when arb should start.